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   Sustainable Alternatives to Demolition 
Building Deconstruction - Training/Consulting - Material Sales


Image: RE-USE Consulting came up with the term 'hybrid deconstruction', pairing people with machines to deconstruct much faster and safer and cheaper.

What are we all about???
1. RE-USE Consulting has clients all over North America.

2. Building deconstruction and reuse operation training: We work on-line or travel to you to provide training and on-site assistance.

3. Building owners: We help building owners find sustainable alternatives to demolition and often save them money over demolition.

4. We sell materials for you or to you  

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Services' page to find out more.....

Countdown to 500 : Get over it, were  NOW AT 800+ buildings deconstructed and 3500 total buildings worked on/visited!!!

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RE-USE NEWS: Top Stories:

We were sooooo busy in 2017, we forgot update the website.  By the numbers:
3,000,000+ pounds diverted from landfill
20 jobs created!
6 new reuse companies!
7 States; 1 Province visited
45+ structures removed, deconstructed for reuse, and recycled
1 award: National Reuse Educator of the Year

Enjoyed speaking at the ReuseConex conference in Boston.  Lots of great people!

5 more buildings deconstructed or saved intact in the last 5 weeks:
- 3 fully deconstructed and diverted from the landfill
- 1 removed in panels for reassembly off-site
- 1 moved intact

Four more buildings deconstructed in Washington State

Portland, Oregon Deconstruction Training
We were chosen by the City of Portland as the national experts in building deconstruction to train up new deconstruction contractors prior to the new deconstruction ordinance.  It will require all homes in Portland that are 100 years old or older to be deconstructed instead of demolished and wasted.

Re-Use sales: Helping a local NW Washington church sell their church pews.  Want 1?  54?

Re-Use trains:
Portland Deconstruction Training

We have been asked
to travel to Portland, OR to train 11 contractors in deconstruction.  We are working to connect and strengthen the reuse industry while we are in town.  Can't wait!

Re-Use Preserves:
Re-Use helps save antique tractor collection

Everyday we save building materials from the landfill.  This time, we were asked to save over 70 tractors and of antique farm implements from two tractor sheds that collapsed onto them.

Re-Use Deconstructs:
Another log cabin kit?

We have a full service deconstruction crew that salvages and deconstructs buildings in an effort to provide sustainable alternatives to demolition.  Sometimes, we get a cool one!

Re-Use Trains:
Deconstruction Academy
Come to the Northwest.  Come and learn to deconstruct buildings and about the reuse industry, maybe at jobs with a view!

7-01-15 to 1-01-16
Too busy to update?  We will continue to work to get this page updated, but please check out our Facebook page at:

We are loving it right now -
Our contracting arm, Deconstruction Services, LLC. has won 85% of its bids so far this year!

5-20-15 15,000 sq ft. pole barn
 deconstruction project:
We won the bid to deconstruct this 15,000 sq ft barn complex, diverting over 98% from the landfill!





















    To see previously published RE-USE News updates, go to our RE-USE in the News page and scroll down.  


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