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Caught on Tape!
Caught on Tape!

We like to take short video clips at our job sites  We will be adding clips to this page as they become available. 


What does Sam have to do with Decon?  He was the neighbor's dog at a jobsite and we tried to teach him to recycle wood boards for us, but he kept hauling them off and burying them...
RE-USE Consulting is asked to help with a number of large structures
including this large 4-story factory building (left) and this barrell-roof
warehouse structure with 80' trusses

Workforce development classes have become
more important to us recently as we get to know
more and more workers who have run out of work!

NOTE: Please let us know if you have any trouble playing these video clips.

'Unwasted' Documentary featuring Dave Bennink of Re-Use Consulting: 

This month's video- decon bloopers:

Flood Recovery in Iowa - greening demolition:

Decon Slideshow with video clips:

Decon work at the WORLD's oldest underground hydro-electric plant:

Old gym decon timelapse:

More vids coming.....

We can better than this right? Yeah, we have examples from Extreme Home Makeover to the Evening News, but stayed tuned for a video series in 2012
filmed right in the middle of the action at our jobsites!

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