Green Collar Job Training
Deconstruction and Reuse Job Training 

We have deconstructed over 1000 structures and are using this experience to train others to join in this rewarding and profitable career.  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more, but know that we customize our trainings for each client so that you get the training that matches you and your goals.  Email us at
or call 360-733-1363

Training Classes:
Green Collar Workforce Development Classes and 
Client-specific training 

We have been training others on building deconstruction and reuse for 25 years, 
but we continually upgrade and improve the training based on lessons learned along the way.  
We help design trainings from the ground up, coaching clients on what
to do and what to expect based on dozens of trainings to date.  Properly formatted 
trainings may lead to up to 100% placement of the trainees.  

Deconstruction and reuse is a growing field with lots of promise for future expansion.  
There are hundreds of cities that still don't have a single reuse company or 
deconstruction contractor!

Contact us to learn more.

300+ jobs created to date.  All are invited including past classes 
focused on immigrant workers, inner-city youth, and previously incarcerated.

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