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National Building Deconstructor of the Year-2009/2010 (runner up '08-09)
Since 1993, RE-USE Consulting has been trying to change the way we look at buildings that are scheduled to be altered or removed from a site.  We view them as resources to be harvested instead of liabilities to be landfilled.  (and great places for JOB TRAINING!)

RE-USE is a international consulting firm that has clients from coast to coast who run reuse operations, are demolition/deconstruction contractors, and are building owners and architects looking for sustainable alternatives to demolition.  We do have extensive job training programs!

RE-USE Consulting doesn't run a physical retail store, but has some materials listed on its website like an on-line store, and access to additional materials (doesn't hurt to ask).  We partner up with stores, contractors, and building owners to SELL THEIR MATERIALS FOR THEM.

Building material reuse has many impacts on our society.  We are saving resources from being wasted at the bottom of a landfill.  We are conserving our natural resources because we provide alternatives to harvesting all new resources.  Jobs are created - 10 to 25 times more jobs than mechanical demolition.  Inexpensive materials are available for lower-income homeowners to improve their homes.  Other benefits include making those materials available for the building owner to reuse in their new structure and preserving such things as architectural pieces that define a community's past. 

Still not convinced?  What if we told you that when our projects are complete, building owners ARE PAYING LESS than demolition.  We use advanced techniques to accomplish this and have now even moved forward on prevailing wage jobs and other challenging job sites.  Please contact us if you are interested in what RE-USE Consulting can do for you and check out our Services page to see some of the services we offer our clients.

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Feel free to write us a note about a project you are planning, a building being removed, or building materials you are looking for. 
We don't want your mailing address because we don't send out junk mail! 

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Image: Snow collapsed this building onto a $100,000 tractor collection.  Our job: save the tractors, save the wood, avoid anymore damage to any of the materials.

RE-USE Consulting
Owner - Dave Bennink


RE-USE Consulting is a member of the Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA)

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