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RE-USE Consulting has completed deconstructing around 1000 structures and has worked in over 3500 in the last 25 years.  We have worked hard to refine our deconstruction techniques, to improve our efforts to retail the materials we divert, and now to pass this experience on to our clients and trainees. 

We have many examples of homes being deconstructed in 2-5 days, owner's saving money compared to bids they received for demolition, and of how reusable building materials can be incorporated in new structures, art, etc.  Look for us to occasionally post these with statistics on diversion, time, and scope of work.

Here is a brief we wrote up about one of our 2018 projects: Summary Report on Deconstruction Project #030218

For other examples, go to our RE-USE in the News Page for example like the following :




Case Study #111111 - A Time For Creating Jobs - Workforce Development Programs
RE-USE Consulting has helped train hundreds of workers, but never at such a rate as the last 3 years.  The most recent classes have proven to be the best yet as we continue to refine the process.  The key has been to prepare them for entering an industry that is still pretty new and needs experienced people to help it grow.  What a time for us all to support this expansion, given the following market conditions: 10's of thousands of vacant and abandoned buildings, hundreds of thousands out of work (we need about 100,000 of them), millions of strugging building owners needing to find lower priced quality building materials. 

Case Study #041510 - Mano y Mano - Building Harvesting vs. Demolition
Our new building harvesting techniques were put to the test on a pilot project where three very rough abandoned homes at 1650 sq ft each were harvested in 5 working days in an area not known for having many recycling options. Results:  Landfill diversion: 68%; Reusable material value: $5000; Wood diversion on home #2: 95% of all wood diverted from landfill; Labor hours required to harvest #2: 58
 hours in 1.5 days.  Pretty good results considering it was the contractors first ever decon project.

Case Study #091109 - Extreme Decon - ABC's Extreme Home Makeover.
Buffalo Reuse asked us to come help with the first full building deconstruction project covered on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover.  We had the 2800+ sq ft home down in 15 hrs, 5 hrs ahead of Extreme's time limit.  Many of the materials were reused in the new home, in the new community garden, in the surrounding homes, and the rest were sent to other good causes and the Buffalo Reuse store.  In total, we diverted about 93% from the landfill.  It was such a good project, ABC produced it as a two-hour episode!

Case Study #090909 - Let's Go Workout At The Gym.
We traveled to an Island for this project.  The school district we were working for planned to keep some of the materials for owner-reuse, but the rest was sold and 100% of the money collected was donated back to the school district to help make up for budget shortfalls! 

This was an interesting job as it was a 5000-5500 sq ft gym structure with 18-20' ceilings that we had down to the floor structure in 3.5 days using less than 3 workers per day.  In the end, it took around 7-8 days to complete the salvage of reusable materials, which totalled over 60% of the materials.  
Case Study #041009 - Thanks Cincinnati!
We wanted to thank Cincinnati (and Chicago) for getting Ken Griffey Jr. back to the Seattle Mariners, and jumped at a chance to help Building Value in Cincinnati complete their first full building deconstruction job.  The building was a 1200 sq ft horse barn with a full loft and was completed under less than optimum conditions.  It snowed two out of three days and our equipment was limited to staying on a 10' wide driveway to avoid getting stuck in the mud.  We diverted roof sheathing, rafters, collar ties, loft decking, loft joists, interior wall paneling, almost all wall studs, and a variety of other items including doors, windows, etc.  The reason I was blessed by this job was because most of the 7 workers were from the Easter Seal Work Resource Group's job training program (now green collar job training right?!) and had varying degrees of learning disabilities.  What a great crew!  They worked hard and didn't complain.  Everything was denailed and hauled back to the store where some of the material will feed the reuse store and some will feed their value-added workshop.  Great job guys!

Case Study #022208 - 'Smooth Sailing'
We called this one Smooth Sailing because 1. it was on the waterfront of Puget Sound, 2. the weather was great, and 3. the deconstruction went smoothly and efficiently
This project involved RE-USE helping deconstruct a 1600 sq ft  1 1/2 story home with about 800 sq ft of deck.  We completed the deconstruction of the home and decks in 72 labor hours.  The processing and hauling took another 70 hrs to complete.  The final rate was 11.27 sq ft per hour or 2.35 days for a crew of 6 working 10 hrs/day.  The final diversion numbers are not all in yet, but we are hoping for a jobsite diversion rate of over 70% (not including off-site commingled recycling).  This project was classified as a harvesting-style deconstruction project. 


Case Study #022208 - Pictures above are examples of materials diverted for reuse:  skylights, brick, windows, doors, plywood, rafters, ceiling joists, wall studs, floor joists, decking, beams, cabinets, lights, more...

Here are some examples of our hybrid deconstruction techniques put to the test.  All of these projects included over 70% landfill diversion (reuse+recycling)

Job completed in/type of job:

1   day - two car garage
Removed to slab, site cleaned up.

2   day - 1200 sq ft home
Removed to ground, site cleaned up.

3   day - 2000 sq ft home
Removed to foundation, site cleaned up.

4   day - 19,000 sq ft warehouse
Removed roof structure and mezzanine structures to concrete tilt up walls.

5   day - 2500 sq ft barn
Removed barn to ground level, hauled reusable materials, sorted metal and wood into separate dumpsters.

6   day - 50,000 sq ft office building
Salvaged before being remodeled, materials hauled from the site

7   day - 3400 sq ft home
Removed to foundation, site cleaned up.

8   day - 100,000 sq ft school
Salvaged building before demolition, materials hauled from site

9   day - 10,000 sq ft warehouse
Removed to ground, site cleaned up

10 day - 12000 sq ft grocery store
Removed to the slab, hauled reusable materials and sorted out the recyclables

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