Our Services  -  National Building Material Reuse Educator - 2017

Deconstruction Training

RE-USE Consulting runs one of the leading building deconstruction teams in the United States.  It's not our team, it's yours!  

We are currently helping develop deconstruction efforts in multiple cities throughout the Country including Portland, OR where they have passed a 'deconstruction ordinance' banning demolition in some circumstances.

We work with demolition contractors, deconstruction companies, as well as up-and-coming groups doing pilot projects, and buildings owners working on a single structure.   The trainings vary in intensity, depending on whether the group plans to continue deconstructing buildings and how much prior experience they have. 

Our on-site one week trainings not only give us a chance to keep you safe, shorten your learning curve, and start/finish the building we are working on, but it also means that we are providing you labor as well as consulting help.  The bottom line is that by getting our consulting service and highly productive labor at the same time means this service is a bargain.  We can also go a step further, training you how to find, bid, and support your decon jobs as well as showing you how to outbid those performing traditional demolition.  Let's work together to create hundreds or thousands of ' green collar jobs ' in the USA.

Contact us at 360-201-6977 to find out more.

Building Assessment

RE-USE Consulting has worked on deconstructing over 1000 structures in the last 25 years.  We have also salvaged over 3500 structures during that time.  If you have a building and are looking for an alternative to demolition, look no further.  We can provide you various levels of detail  in our report to help you make good economically feasible decisions and divert the maximum amount from the landfill.  RE-USE will work hard to find the right combination of techniques so that the final numbers come in under traditional demolition bids.

Whether you end up choosing to relocate the structure (house moving), or disassemble it and reassemble it elsewhere (building kits), we can help you decide and succeed.  You may choose to partially or fully deconstruct it (manual or hybrid decon or building harvesting) or simply salvage it before demolition.  We open the door to adaptive reuse of an existing structure and encourage the use of salvaged materials in the new structure wherever possible.

Contact us with images of your project for some free advise to get you started.

Second Hand Shrubs

We love saving mature landscaping from our jobsites when we can.  We named this effort 'Second Hand Shrubs'.  To date, we have saved hundreds of Japanese maples, shrubs, small trees, and more including many native species.  If you are interested in joining our mailing list to find out about available salvaged plants and other landscaping materials, click here and send us your email and zip code.
Other Services

Retail operations/store-
Let us help you with your reusable building materials operation.  We can help in many different ways, everything from helping to design your space, program your cash register, or teaching you customer service!
Salvage work
Let us help you salvage (and/or sell) your materials

Speaking -
Invite us to speak at your conference or green building event.

Safety -
We have specialized safety training for the used building material industry.

Marketing -
We provide effective marketing for those with a tight marketing budget.

Special Projects -
RE-USE has worked on hospitals, sports stadiums, home improvement television shows, residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects just to name a few! 

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