Post-Fab Panels / ReBuilds
RE-USE Consulting promotes full building disassembly or 'building deconstruction', but we prefer to move structures intact or in sections whenever possible. 

Moving a structure diverts 90%+ from the landfill and preserves the 'embodied energy' that exists in the intact structure or assembly. 

Embodied energy refers to the various forms of energy used to create the structure.

Demolition not only requires energy to clear the site, but it results in an almost total loss of the embodied energy stored there.  This is why we say 'move it or lose it'. 

Buildings can also be broken down into parts or sections (Post-Fabs) and reassembled somewhere else or parts of structures like a decorative bay window or cuppola can be saved intact for reuse.
Project 5-18: King County, WA
Our next Post-Fab panel project is coming up in the next few weeks in King County.  Interested?

Project: Cincy, OH
This was a great shed and it took longer to load than it did to remove and lift!

Past examples:
Robbins and Company moved this building.

Past Example: Huizenga Brothers worked with Vanderveen House Movers to relocate 5 of these log cabins (circa 1920's) - it was the 2nd time they have been moved since they were originally constructed.

Past example: Parts of buildings like this 1923 cuppola off of an elementary school can be removed intact and preserved for reuse even when the rest of the building must be deconstructed.
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