Reclaimed Products
DECONSTRUCTING STRUCTURES CAN CREATE 20 TIMES MORE JOBS THAN THE DEMOLISHING THEM!  Some of these jobs come from producing reclaimed products like milling trim from beams or building furniture from salvaged lumber.  These 'VALUE-ADDED' jobs are growing with the deconstruction industry and can replace manufacturing jobs lost overseas.  This page is meant to encourage and boost value-added operations around the USA.

ReFind Furniture (Portland, OR)-
ReFind Furniture designs and handcrafts environmentally sustainable, natural, contemporary furnishings for residential and commercial spaces.

503-445-1756 or email: refind AT rebuildingcenter DOT org

ReSource (Boulder, CO)-
 In addition to running a reusable building materials retail operation, ReSource has a value-added shop that produces a variety of items including cabinets and furniture.
Boulder yard:
(303) 419-5418

Ft. Collins yard:

Building Value's Building Ability Program (see // ) Check out this great organization finding yet another way to create jobs for people with learning disabilities.  Is there any doubt why RE-USE is doing what we are doing - it is so we can work with groups like this!

Reclaimed framing lumber isn't always used as framing lumber.  Why hide this beautiful wood in a wall? 
A Piece of Cleveland (APOC) (Cleveland, OH)- APOC designs and makes high quality products out of raw materials with a local history. Our efforts have rescued tons of doors, floors and lumber from houses destined for the landfill. 
1440 E 36th Street
6th floor
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 502-2095

Re-Use in Luxe Magazine

Great example of reclaimed products:  This project by Green Partners of Lopez Island, WA, is a great example of reuse.  We deconstructed the cedar cabin that was located here and the material was remilled by the owner to be used in the new space.  It was estimated that the savings over buying this material all over again new was enough to pay for the deconstruction costs for the whole building

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